About us

Vesta-Dent Dental Center was established in 2003 and employs dentists with many years’ experience. Vesta-Dent covers the full range of dental services, including dental physiotherapy and dental technology. Vesta-Dent Dental Center works with the National Health Insurance Fund and all health insurance companies, and is a trusted physician of the Bulgaria Health HIC.


The Center provides services in:

- pediatric dentistry

- dental surgery

- dental therapy

- dental orthopedics


The Center works with an orthodontic specialist.

The Dental Center works with the Bulgaria Health HIC.

One of the advantages of Vesta-Dent is the availability of a fine dental laboratory which offers the latest methods and materials for dental restoration.

In Vesta-Dent you will receive a free, specialized and highly professional consultation from the Center’s team.


Our team consists of
Dr. Veselka Metodieva Kamberova
Dr. Svilen Mitev

The Center’s opening hours are from 8:00 to 20:00 h, Monday through Saturday /till 21:00 h by prior arrangement/.