Vesta-Dent works with the health fund.

The Center has an ultrasonic cleaner for quality and painless tartar removal.
- intraoral camera for computer-aided diagnosis

І. Dental therapy: obturations filled with amalgam, dental composites and two photopolymer types. Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis.

ІІ. Dental physiotherapy:
1. Laser therapy – for treatment of stomatitis, glossitis and glossalgia, periodontal diseases, pulpitis, periodontitis, alveolitis, pericoronaritis, neuralgia and neuritis.
2. Magnotherapy for treatment of the jaw joints /in arthritis and arthrosis of the temporomandibular joint, fractures in the maxillofacial area/.
3. Electrotherapy /for treatment of periodontitis and periodontosis/.
4. Iontophoresis /for treatment of gangrene and granuloma/.
5. Testing tooth vitality and reactivity

ІІІ. Dental surgery.

ІV. Periodontology – diseases of the oral mucosa and tooth supporting structure. Ultrasonic tartar removal.

V. Prosthetic dentistry – fixed prosthodontics with four types of porcelain. Mobile prosthodontics – ordinary plaque prostheses, model cast prostheses, joint prostheses and locks, and prostheses with soft plastics. The Center also offers consultation with a specialist orthodontist.

VI. Implantology.