Medical Technical Laboratory

The ZHOLI EOOD Medical Technical Laboratory was established in 2003. Since then we have been working for your beautiful smile, using the best materials and investing a great deal of skill and professionalism. We manufacture high-quality, aesthetic constructions from metal ceramics, pure ceramics and implants. For the best results, we offer our patients fully ceramic products – facets, press-ceramics and zirconium. We input high-quality materials from leading German companies, because we want to make sure that our patients receive the best of what the market offers. We use the following materials:

- ceramics - VITA: VM7,VM9,VM13
- metals - BEGO: WIRONIUM+, WIROBOND280 [free of Ni and Be] Bredent,Yety, etc.

For patients who need mobile prosthodontics, we manufacture skeletoned prostheses, lock-type joints, as well as ordinary plaque prostheses.

The ZHOLI MTL team is striving to keep up to date with all novelties in the world of dental technology, and it is to such end that the dental technicians attend courses in the German town of Bad Sackingen – VITA Center, as well as courses certified by the BEGO - PARTIAL DENTURE TECHNIQUES company.

We are ready to fulfill the wishes of even the most demanding patients!