DENTAL THERAPY / Laser therapy/
Dental caries affects the dental hard tissues by causing the formation of cavities therein. The common method of caries treatment involves obturations /fillings/.
Amalgam – The oldest of materials used today.

Advantages: relatively low cost and easy to apply.
Disadvantages: not aesthetic and requires heavy filing down of healthy dental tissues due to the material’s specificities.
Composites – modern materials possessing high aesthetics and resilience. Depending on the process of polymerization, these can be photopolymers and chemopolymers.
Chemopolymers are white in color, but their aesthetic and mechanical properties are significantly poorer compared to photopolymers.
Photopolymers have indispensable aesthetic qualities and great mechanical resilience, and make it possible to restore all kinds of defects occurring as a result of dental caries.
For photopolymer obturations, at Vesta Dent we use latest-generation materials of world renowned manufacturers.
All manipulations are performed painlessly, applying local anesthetic.
Indirect restorations /fillings manufactured in dental laboratory/ are made in some cases, most often in serious destructions.
Inlay obturations are manufactured in the dental laboratory by preliminary impression taking.
Pinlay: when dental restoration with obturation materials is not possible, cast stump pins are manufactured in laboratory conditions. These are cemented, and a crown or a bridge is made and placed thereon.
Root treatment is needed in instances of infectious or traumatic impairment of the dental pulp /pulpitis/.
Properly conducted root treatment makes it possible to preserve the tooth and to restore its normal function.
Using modern methods to treat and fill root canals helps prevent undesirable side effects such as staining and darkening of the teeth subjected to treatment. With very big fillings, sometimes a crown may need to be manufactured to prevent the tooth from breaking.
The treatment is performed under anesthesia and use is made of modern technology, methods and materials, always followed up by x-ray monitoring to ensure optimal results.
Repeat treatment of root canals /re-treatment/ treatment of granulomas, gangrenes.